Ivana Gorickic

B. Physio.
B. Biomed. Sci.
APA Accredited Level II Pilates Instructor
Clinical Pilates Clinician

Ivana Gorickic joined us in March 2011 as a new graduate of Charles Sturt University, Albury NSW. Ivana is a member of Australian Physiotherapy Association. She has additional skills in dry needling, Clinical Pilates, Hydrotherapy and functional strength & conditioning. She is interested in treating all musculo-skeletal conditions with particular interest in orthopaedics, neck/back pain and Clinical Pilates. Ivana aims to empower patients to take control of their treatment by providing self-management strategies. She works Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Sat mornings. Ivana takes 2 hydrotherapy sessions and 3 Clinical Pilates Groups per week. She has experience in orthopaedic rehabilitation, gerontology, paediatrics and acute care. She speaks Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian.