Tapes and bandages

  • Stapping tape
  • Kinetic tape and RockTape
  • Hypafix non-allergenic tape
  • Crepe bandages
  • Tubigrip compression tube bandage

Exercise bands and tubing

  • Various grades for stretching and strengthening

Dumb bell weights

  • Cuff weights
  • Exercise pedals

Walking aids

  • Axillary crutches
  • Walking sticks – adjustable, curved handle, flat handle and fischer stick handle
  • 3 wheeled frame – collapsable
  • Ferrules for crutches and walking sticks


  • Voltaren gel (anti-inflammatory cream)
  • Fisiocrem

Braces and splints

  • Posture brace (for the upper back and neck posture)
  • Lumbar sacrocinch brace
  • Core stability belt
  • Pro-pregnancy belly belt
  • Ankle brace (for sprained ankle ligaments)
  • Knee braces- hinged and pull-on elastic
  • CAM boots
  • Patella stabiliser brace
  • Heel raises
  • Tuli’s heel cups
  • Sorbothane heel pads
  • Sorbothane insoles
  • Wrist braces (for sprains and carpel tunnel)
  • Tennis elbow
  • Thumb braces
  • Lumbar rolls (D-shape, round and inflatable– for posture support)
  • Back hugger (lumbar support)
  • Cervical rolls (for neck posture in bed)
  • Cervical travel pillows (when travelling)
  • Knob massager


  • Vasyli ¾ and full length orthotics (slim line and regular widths)
  • Vasyli heel pain orthotics

Tens units

  • Tens electrodes – various sizes

Cold/hot therapy

  • Cold/hot packs
  • Hoteze pads

Heat wheatpacks

  • Neck
  • Lumbar


  • Memory foam medium and soft density pillows
  • Sleep-away memory foam pillow (small)
  • Overdoor cervical traction unit
  • Overdoor shoulder exercises unit

Thromboembolic Stockings

  • Thromboembolic stockings-medical (for swollen legs, ankles and feet)
  • Travel socks/stockings


  • Treat your own neck – by Robin McKenzie
  • Treat you own back – by Robin McKenzie
  • Women’s waterworks – by Pauline Chiarelli
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