East Brighton Physiotherapy Centre’s aim is to efficiently diagnose and treat your physical problem and thereby help you to achieve your physical goals. We will also help you to prevent any recurrence of the original problem. Whether that be pain relief, rehabilitation after joint replacement, a sporting injury, dizziness, improved posture or a higher level of physical fitness we aim to achieve the best possible result with you. This may involve return to sport, work or a vast variety of personal daily tasks and hobbies.


Our clinics response. Let us reassure you that we have taken the necessary precautions and increased our hygiene procedures as per the changing and current DSHH and APA guidelines. Such measures include:

  • Staff and clients may wear masks during treatment sessions.
  • Clinicians thoroughly wash their hands between consultations. This is usual practise.
  • Hand disinfectant solution is available in reception and treatment rooms for use by clients who may choose to use it on entry and on departure from the clinic. Clients are welcome to wash their hands.
  • We have HEPA viral filters in each treatment area and reception to purify the air.
  • All treatment couches, equipment and chairs are wiped down or disinfected after each consultation.
  • A cough screen is in place at reception.
  • If you have any concerns please contact us on 03 9578 8657.


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