Telehealth consults

If you cannot attend the clinic, we are able to offer you Video linked physiotherapy consulations using Zoom or Facetime consultations for those with Apple devices. This is convenient for many as you do not have to travel, it is in the comfort and security of your own home and has been shown to be just as effective for many conditions requiring rehabilitation and for exercise prescription. Additional Information about managing your condition and exercise sheets can be emailed to you as needed.

Telephone consultations are also available.

Private Health Insurance (PHI) rebates are available from 14/4/20 until 30/9/20 for telehealth and telephone consultations. You can either pay for your appointment in full, we will email you a receipt and then you can claim a rebate from your health fund. Alternately, we can claim for the consultation using our HICAP’s machine in the clinic, with your specific authority, and you pay the gap fee using your credit card. You would need to give us your credit card details and the authority to claim the gap. We will not know the gap fee until we do the processing.

Telehealth is funded by TAC, Worksafe, DVA and Medicare currently.

We have more information available about how to prepare for a telehealth consultation. We can forward this to you.

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